Milan and Siena 2019

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Upon arrival

In Milan you will be staying at the Residence Pian della Nave, Via Lambrate 9, a mile and a half from Stazione Centrale (Milan’s main train station) and less than three miles from Piazza del Duomo, the very center of the city. Click here for information on how to get to the residence from Malpensa or Linate airports or from the train station. If you arrive at the residence before Prof. Erspamer, Amelia and Corrado, please note that the closest farmacia (pharmacy) is Farmacia Lloyds (via Casoretto 1; a three-minute walk), the closest supermarket is Simply Market (via Leoncavallo 15; a two-minute walk), and the closest subway stations are Pasteur (M1 red line; ten-minute walk) and Loreto (M1 red line and M2 green line; 15-minute walk). There are several trattorie and pizzerie in the area, including Faro di Casoretto, Trattoria Mirta, Pizzeria Partenopea, Shizen Milano, Misaki.

In case of any problem, call Prof. Erspamer, Amelia or Corrado on their cell phones. You may also call Residence Pian della Nave, +39 02 268 151.

As the program officially begins on Sunday, June 16, Residence Pian della Nave’s rooms are reserved for all students starting on Saturday, June 15. Orientation is on Monday.

If you do not have an international phone plan or you want to save on local and international calls, as soon as possible after arriving in Milan purchase an Italian SIM card for your American GSM-compatible smartphone. Click here for more information. The closest stores where you can purchase an Italian SIM and plan are TIM (viale Monza 10, a 13-minute walk; and Vodafone (via Pordenone 13, a 10-minute walk). There are TIM and Vodafone stores also in Milano Centrale.

As soon as you arrive in Milan we will purchase together an ATM electronic card (carta elettronica) that will allow you unlimited rides on buses and subway trains within the city limits. (Please note that, in Milan, ATM means “Azienda Trasporti Milanesi,” the equivalent of Boston’s MBTA, and not “automatic teller machine”).
On Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th, we will help you obtain the card and pay for it. You must bring with you your passport, a passport photo, and the form that you received at the pre-departure meeting or that you found at Residence Pian della Nave (Domanda di rilascio della tessera elettronica).

If you plan to take a high-speed train (Freccia) to visit other Italian cities in Italy, it is advisable to purchase train o bus tickets beforehand to take advantage of economy fares. You may also consider remaining for the night in the cities that we will visit during some of our weekly trips and then spend the weekend n nearby locations. In particular, in the evening of June 21 you could take a bus from Sirmione and get to Verona for an opera night at the Arena and visiting the city of Juliet and Romeo the next day. If you like the mountains, you could spend the night in Trento on June 28. On July 6 you could remain in Vicenza and the next morning take a train to Venice (a 45 minute ride; the one-way ticket is € 6.10). On August 2 you could remain in Lucca and the next day visit Pisa or Cinque Terre. Do not hesitate to write to (or talk with) Prof. Erspamer, Amelia or Corrado for suggestions and further information. Please note that the dates of our trips could change.
You must inform Prof. Erspamer, Amelia, or Corrado of any trip that you plan and of any night that you decide not to spend in our residences or outside of Milan and Siena. If you travel outside of Italy you must obtain Prof. Erspamer’s permission beforehand. You can travel on every weekend with the exception of June 15 and 16 and July 13 and 14.
Click here for more information about transportation in Italy.
Check these pages for suggested trips from Milan or for interesting events taking place in Italy during our stay.