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From Milan to Siena

On Thursday, July 14 our group will travel from Milan to Trentino. A bus will pick us up at Residence Zara at 7:30 AM and take us to Trento. You will spend three nights in a hotel near Lake Molveno, in the Dolomites.

On Sunday, July 17, we will travel to Siena. A bus will pick us up at the hotel and take us to the Refugio of the IngressoRefugioCollegio Santa Chiara, via del Refugio 4. The street actually looks like a small square; the entrance of the residence is on the right of the church (Chiesa del Refugio) at the end of the street (see the picture).

Two TAs will lodge in the Refugio, another other one in a nearby apartment.

Please note that there will be a three-day weekend on July 29, 30, and 31, and that you will be able to leave on Thursday afternoon. There is plenty to see and do in Siena and Tuscany, but if you plan a trip to a more distant location, that would be a good moment in which to do so. It is advisable to purchase bullet train (“Freccia”) tickets beforehand to take advantage of economy fares. Local train tickets do not change in price. You must inform Prof. Erspamer of any trip that you plan and of any night that you decide to spend outside of our Siena residence. Travel outside of Italy is not allowed.
Click here for more information about transportation in Italy.
Check these pages for suggested trips from Siena or for interesting events taking place in Italy during our stay.

Click here to download a detailed map of Siena (the Refugio of the Collegio Santa Chiara is at the bottom right side).

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