Milan and Siena 2017

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Francesco Erspamer is professor of Italian studies and Romance languages and literatures at Harvard University.  He is interested in aesthetics, history of ideas, politics, and cultural change. He has worked extensively on the Renaissance, the 19th  and 20th century, and contemporary issues. His most recent books are The Creation of the Past: On Cultural Modernity and Fear of Change: Crisis and Criticism of the Concept of Culture. He is presently writing a book on cultural design with Pier Luigi Sacco. Email:

Pier Luigi Sacco is professor of Cultural Economics and Deputy Rector for International Relations at IULM University, Milan, and the special adviser to the European Commission in the field of cultural heritage. His research is focused on the economy of culture in postindustrial times. His outlook is a curious mix of economic savvy and humanist reflection. Sacco claims that investing in intangible goods must become a part of a new economic policy and that it is a way to include art in the building of our prosperity. Sacco has authored numerous publications on modern economics. Email:

ChiaraChiara Trebaiocchi is a PhD candidate in Italian Literature at Harvard University. She has taught Italian courses as well as a class on Literary Interpretation and is a Teaching Fellow at the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning. Previously she studied at Scuola Normale Superiore and Università di Pisa, where she graduated with a thesis on the Renaissance and Venetian author Lodovico Dolce. She is currently specializing in 20th century Italian Literature and writing a dissertation on Franco Fortini and his ideas on pedagogy, school and education. She is a contributor to La VOCE di New York. Email:

JulianneJulianne VanWagenen has taught various Italian courses at Harvard as a Teaching Fellow, including Dante’s Divine Comedy, hybrid humanites, and design. During her college years, Julianne worked for the Italian Department at DePaul University, her alma mater, as a tutor and bilingual assistant. After graduating she spent four years living and teaching English in Rome. In May 2017, Julianne defended her dissertation, The Mythologist in Microgroove: Fabrizio De André’s Italy (1961-1981), and graduated from her doctoral program at Harvard. Email:



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