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Six of the ten Contrade which will run the Palio are willing to accept up to five of us each. They are Bruco, Chiocciola, Oca, Selva, Torre, and Valdimontone. We can just divide all of you randomly among these Contrade–which we will do at a drawing that will take place next week at the Contrada del Bruco. However, there are three more Contrade which are NOT running the Palio and would be very happy to have some of you. They are Giraffa, Leocorno, and Pantera. Leocorno and Pantera, I was told, “are particularly interested”, which would mean, I think, that you would be more involved in the life of the Contrada. And Giraffa won the July Palio and so they will be celebrating all time. So, if a few of you care more for the communal experience than for the excitement of the race, it could be a good idea to join one of these three Contrade. If at least six of you choose this second option we’d have a special drawing for the students who prefer to join Giraffa, Leocorno, or Pantera. Please let me know as soon as possible (I must give an answer by tomorrow morning) if you: A) Want to join a Contrada running the Palio this August; B) Prefer or would not mind to join a Contrada which is not running the Palio this time.

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If you are interested in getting an Italian SIM for your unlocked GSM smartphone, a good plan is TIM International 1000 Super. Don’t purchase it online; you’ll have to go to a TIM store (there is one in Stazione Centrale, close to Residence Pola) with your passport. You’ll pay 10 € for the SIM card, then 10 € every 4 weeks. It includes 10GB data, unlimited calls to other TIM phones, 700 free minutes to any other Italian phone, 300 minutes to foreign numbers. After that each call to the US will cost you 15 cents per minute. For another 3 € you’ll get 500 text messages. Chiara, Julianne, and I will be glad to come with you to the store and help you get the most convenient rate.