Milan and Siena 2019

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8-accommodationIn Milan students stay at the Residence Pola, via Pola 4, 20124 Milano, tel. +39 02 607 0351. Click here for the Google map of the area.
The Residence is just half a mile from Stazione Centrale, the city’s main train station. It’s a half-hour walk (or a five-stop subway ride) to Piazza del Duomo, at the very center of the city, and a six-stop subway ride to the Navigli district, famous for its restaurants and bars. All double rooms have a private bathroom, free wi-fi, TV, air conditioning, and a fully equipped kitchenette. One-bedroom apartments are available if three students prefer to share it. In the building there is a laundry room with coin-operated washing machines and dryers. Click here for a map with shops in the area.
The Residence is a five-minute walk to the subway station Gioia, then a ten-minute ride (on the M2 green-line) to station Romolo and IULM University, where classes are held. Click here for maps that show how to get to Gioia from Residence Pola and from Romolo to IULM.
For transportation to IULM and to other locations in the city it we’ll provide you with an ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi) weekly pass (click here for more information).
Students have access to IULM restaurant and cafeterias, open Monday through Friday but only for lunch. Use your prepaid card to lunch there.
As the program officially starts on Sunday, June 17, you must check in at Residence Pola on the previous day, Saturday the 16th. If you need to arrive on the 15th, please contact prof. Erspamer as soon as possible. We’ll move to Siena on Sunday, July 15.

In Siena students are lodged in Il Refugio of the Collegio Santa Chiara, the collegiate residence of the University of Siena. Its address is: Via del Refugio, 4 – 53100 Siena – tel. +39 0577 280 376. Click here to download a detailed map of Siena (the Refugio is very close to the Chiesa del Refugio (15), on the right edge of the map towards the bottom, below Porta Pìspini).
This ancient building is in the historic center of the city—a eight-minute walk from Piazza del Campo. All double rooms have a private bathroom and free wi-fi connection (pretty slow in certain rooms and parts of the building). Students have access to the common areas of the Collegio, including a kitchenette, a computer room, a tea room, and the gardens. A washing machine is available; there are clothes lines in a drying room blow the roof. Rooms at the Collegio have been booked from Sunday, July 15, to Saturday, August 18.
Classes are held in a building nearby.
In Siena students will receive vouchers to be used in restaurants in the vicinity of the Refugio.