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Covid-19 information

Although aware of the continuous uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, we are optimistic that the program will proceed as planned. Rest assured that the health and safety of our students is paramount. The Summer School has been monitoring the situation and will continue to do that with Harvard Global Support Services; please read their Advice for Travelers.

In the absence of Covid-19 symptoms, there are presently no restrictions for entry into Italy. As the situation could change, consult periodically (and again a few days before departure) this site of the Italian Ministry of Health.
Although not currently required, bring with you your CDC Vaccination Record Card or equivalent certification. If possible, download the digital vaccine card and QR code now available in many states. If you registered your vaccination in Massachusetts, access the new tool at MyVaxRecords.Mass.Gov,

There are presently no restriction for entry into the United States. Please visit the CDC webpage for updated information.

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